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Cd Autoplay Gen v2.0 Features

What's new in Cd Autoplay Gen v2.0?

  • Addition of Splash Screen - Now you can add splash screens to your projects.

  • New Menu Spot Action - Playing of Video File. Now you can play video files on click of a menu spot on your Menu Project. The video will be played on top of the background image.
  • Addition of Custom Mouse Icon for each Menu Spot.
  • Deletion of a Menu Spot - Now you can delete any menu spot.
  • Launching of CAG projects from anywhere directly by double clicking/opening it from Windows Explorer.
    Enhanced User Interface.
  • Automatic Loading of Last Saved Project.
  • Automatic detection of Changing of root folders path .
  • Fixed some very minor bugs .

Some features of Cd Autoplay Gen are:

Features in Interactive Menu Mode......

1. Independently placed buttons(called Menu Spot) - You can place buttons anywhere you like on the menu(user defined background image).

2. Tool Tip Text and rollover Image - You can have tool tip text and rollover image displayed when the User moves their mouse over a button. In this way you can provide more information to the User about each button before they even click on it. The rollover image (which can even be an icon) gives an animation effect for your button. Each button can have its own tooltip text and rollover image.

3. Rollover sound -The rollover sound is played when the User moves their mouse over a button.The sound can be mp3,mid or any wav file. Each button can have its own rollover sound.

4. Button Click Sound - This sound is played when the User clicks a button.The sound can be mp3,mid or any wav file. Each button can have its own click sound.

5. Button Actions - You can specify an action when the users Clicks on a button. Each button can have its own action.

You can set the buttons to do any number of things including:

  • Open a file in the User's viewer.
  • Start a program.It can be any program or any file.
  • Open a directory in MS Windows Explorer.
  • Open an Internet Site in the User's browser.
  • Open a pre-defined addressed email.
  • Open an mp3 playlist to autoplay an mp3 Cd normally not possible.
  • Open any sound or video file etc.
  • Do no action.
  • Play a Video File.
  • Exit the application.

6. Button Mouse Cursor - You can specify your own Mouse Cursor for each Menu spot which is displayed when the mouse is moved over the respective Menu spot.

7. Addition of a Splash Screen

8. In additon desired Cd icon and Cd text that will appear on the menu and a sound file can be specified that will be played when the Cd is inserted.

Features in User Application Mode......

1. The desired Cd icon that will be displayed as icon of the Cd drive can be specified.

2. The desired Sound file that will be played can be defined. The sound file can be mp3,mid or wav file.

3. A desired user defined Program or file can be specified .along with "Command Line Parameters" .


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