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All Logiccode Products are award winning due to their excellent & unique features.

Split it icon Split it Version 3.2

Description:-It's an award winning software with more than 19 features to split a file into parts and then merge them so that you could transfer them and from floppy disks or cd's etc along with many enhanced features that no other file splitter possess.
It is rated as the best file splitter by majority of the websites and our users. See the User Reviews and Awards for more information.




Cd Autoplay Gen  icon Cd Autoplay Gen Version 2.0

Description:-It's an award winning best available in the market today tool to create your own stunning menu driven or program driven autorun Cd's like Autorun mp3 or video CD's i.e an easy to use software which allows you to create your own custom autorun CD/DVD menus along with many other features & options. You can create your own Mp3 or Video Autorun Cd's which are normally not possible to create.

By using your existing content such as images, music,interactive presentations, and Windows software applications you can simply drop your way to amazing projects in just a few minutes. Your clients/friends will love to watch your CD ,and you will love our amazing price!




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Split it v3.2

Cd Autoplay Gen v2.0

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