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Split it User Reviews

Keil O writes:
"This program is excellent.You do not need any other splitter to merge the files sent by your friend cause this splitter merges the file splitted by every other splitter. The Universal Merge & Disk Span features are unique and excellent."

Robert Phillip writes:
"The Disk Span feature is excellent. The splitter just asks for inserting floppy disks and I need not worry about formating the disks or seeing whether there is enough space in the disk, cause the splitter automatically adjusts the file size in accordance with the space in the disk. What a great feature better than winzip's Disk Span. This is the best file splitter among them all. Also all your claims about the working of software are true."

Fedrick Johnson writes:
"Split it is excellent. Thumbs up to Logiccode team.It worked on every specified OS and hey its the fastest splitter I have ever seen. Worth spending 6 Dollars on such a good make. "

Mariana Creopus writes:
"I am a novice computer user.I found your Split it to be very easy to install and use without any complications. It works perfectly."

Andreas writes:
"What an excellent ,handy & compact little program!No words to describe it. Just try it"

Jimmy Joles writes:
"Wow! What a program Very easy and quick to install and use. Would recommend it to every person using file splitter in their day to day lifel."

Ramesh Gadge writes:
" I just tried your new version of Split it on an 98 SE PC. It splitted my 1.4 Gb movie file into 2 parts within 4 minutes. It's incredibly fast."

Patrick D writes:
"Excellent. It's very useful and easy to split large files into small ones of our size, so that we can transfer them to our friends through email. "

Joseph P writes:
"Thanks for the very nice file splitter. I work mostly from the office, so I haven't bothered to get an internet connection at home, since the only reason I need it is to download all the good stuff from the net. Thanks to your splitter, I can split the big files into floppies and carry them home at the end of the day. A must Buy for everyone."

Ronie F writes:
"I did a thorough test of this splitter cause I needed it to split LARGE files. The first task I gave it was to split a 700 meg file into 10 parts. Similarly I performed many other test with different files.It performed flawlessly, but more importantly it was fast and didn't slow my PC as other splitters always do when you split large files."

Polandro writes:
"Your claim is correct .Your file splitter utility is the best on the web among all the splitters I have tried and hey its the cheapest software available in the market today. Most importantly the file size of this splitter is very small and if you zip it, the size is I can say negligible which makes it easier to transport or download from anywhere in the world."

Lara M writes:
"Excellent program! It sure is worth a million bucks for having made my life easier. File splitter saved my life more than twice. It's so much better than winzip and winrar's Disk Spanning."

Cd Autoplay Gen User Reviews

Jim Pallas:
I make interactive artworks. My client requested that I put the contents of an artwork he commissioned, a sculpture that told the story in seventy episodes of sound and images of the immigration of his ancestors to America, on a CD. He wished to share this illustrated narrative with the rest of his extended family. I needed a program that would let me design a single screen that presented all seventy episodes in a simple, easy to use manner. Cost was not an issue, but the menu had to be beautiful. I looked at many programs. Several were workable but had serious deficiencies. When I first found CAG, I was skeptical because the price was so low and the download file size small. But... a free trial? It's worth a look.
What a surprise!
The quick download and simple extracting of a few files was a breeze. A quick glance at the "getting started" section of the Help file and I soon put together a test menu. The beauty of this program for me was its flexibility. I could use any image as the menu screen, place the menu items anywhere I wished on the menu screen. They could be words or images. When the cursor touches a menu item, a text box can appear describing the item, an image can pop up providing a hint about the item or a sound can play. All this is fast and easy to do with no programming knowledge. The menu items can be actions that open a sound, image or text file, run a program, browse to a page on the WWW, play a video or even send an e-mail. Testing your menu is simple and going back in and tweaking things, fixing typos, moving menu items is quick and simple. When you're ready, the program assembles everything ready to burn to a CD.
The technical support is excellent. When I had a problem understanding an aspect of the program, the program's creator himself responded via email promptly. He even made another build of the program to meet my need.
With this program, the nature of your menu screen is as free as your imagination.

"I used the logiccode's CAG to make a auto play CD. It's really a cool software. I could design a pretty nice interface."

Dennis M:
"What more I could say.Love your Cd Autoplay Program."

Tom McDannold:
"Found your company on the Internet while searching for an autoplay program. Your program is clearly the easiest to use and produces a very nice finished product. "

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