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Split it icon Split it v3.2
Description:-An award winning & rated as the world's best file splitter with more than 19 features. More info

File Information

  • Exesize : 68 kb (Reg ver-64kb,made very small to transport it easily.)
  • Filesize(Zip archive): 84 kb (including help)
  • Release date :May 9, 2005
  • Type : Trialware
  • Author : Paresh N Naik
  • Publisher : Logiccode

System Requirements

  • Pentium II(233 MHZ) or equivalent
  • Windows 95,98,98SE,Me, 2000,NT,Xp,2003 Server
  • 32 Mb Minimum Ram

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Split it has earned many awards. To see a complete lists of awards won by Split it Click Here....

To install just unzip and run splitit32.exe and then follow the onscreen instructions.
2. If Split it doesn't run after installation please Download VB6 runtimes by Clicking here




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